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Teresa Vardeman began working as a spokesmodel for her parent's businesses and competed in pageants as soon as she could talk. Her passion for mass communication empowered her to learn HTML coding when she was twelve-years-old. As a first generation Filipino American, she was curious about her family in the Philippines. She moved away for cultural experience when she was thirteen-years-old. She studied at an all girls private catholic school in Manila, Philippines. She lived in a college dorm part of her stay and a with a host family the rest of the time. She was shocked that she needed a chaperone for security everywhere she went.

She was thankful to have a chaperone especially when Typhoon Ondoy hit Manila. The water started to get too high and the traffic was standstill. She was worried that she would get stuck and possibly drowned if she stayed in the taxi. They jumped out of the taxi and went to the nearest mall with a higher elevation. Her legal guardian, father Arnold sent a motorcycle and cart from a village on higher level. She made it to a safe spot and enjoyed a delicious meal with her guardian's family. The following week she helped her guardian package and deliver relief goods. She made new friends while delivering the relief goods to several villages. This inspired her to make an aftermath video documentary to encourage donations.

When she moved back, she took exams that enabled her to skip two grades from eighth grade to tenth grade. Instead of skipping two grades, she stayed in eighth grade to be with her friends and focus on her newfound passion. She loved to make YouTube videos and her fanbase grew quickly. Within a few months, she gained nearly 2,000 followers on her personal page and collaborated with several channels. Her freshman year, she moved to Samuel Clemens High School. She decided to move because it offered more electives including a news and video broadcasting program. In 2013 she won Miss Pacific Islands Princess and Miss Spirit for fundraising. Additionally, she competed in Miss Asia USA and placed fourth runner up and won Miss friendship. Her last pageant that she competed in was Miss Texas Teen USA and placed within top three for Miss Spirit for fundraising.


Vardeman in Los Angeles, CA opening for Shail K fashion show with Miss Asia USA.

She self studied at UTHSCSA and trained on the job at Randolph Family Dental to become a sterilization tech and dental assistant. A few years later she cross trained to be a business administrator and marketing director. While she worked at the dental office, she received her AAS in liberal arts with a focus in business at Northeast Lakeview College. She currently works remotely and checks in to strategize ways to capture new patients, generate revenue and growth. She is projected to graduate with a bachelor of science in public relations and mass communication with a minor in business on August 7, 2020.

Public Relations

Vardeman is fascinated with connecting people and groups. She loves public relations because it empcompasses writing, public speaking, directing and event planning.


Vardeman loves advertising and is involved with Ad Club and Ad 2 Austin. She loves creating content for campaigns and engaging with various audiences.


Vardeman has worked as a marketing director and business administrator for several years in the dental industry. She has an AAS in liberal arts with a focus in business.


This page will show examples of her web design and publishing assignments completed throughout spring 2020.

Assignment 1Due Date
Project 1Feb. 9
Project 2*Mar. 8

* = current project