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Ad Club students celebrate friendsgiving.

Vardeman has a fascination with photoshop and video production. In middle school she had more free time to create content. She was unexcusably herself and on brand with what was known as the scene kid era. She understood at that level what her audience loved and hated and acted accordingly. She taught herself how to create and edit content better through photoshop and iMovie.

Her mom asked her to make flyers for Randolph Family Dental's event and social media. This led her to researching what kind of message needs to be conveyed to their audience. She spent each day creating content for the dental office. She realized that there must be an easier way to post content. She taught herself clickfunnels and Hootsuite. Clickfunnels helped Vardeman get leads with a magnet from the content that she created.

Hootsuite made her life easier so that she did not waste time posting content at a certain time each day. She learned the best times to post through analytics. After deciding the best times to post she scheduled the content accordingly. She understood the office and dental field well because of her experience. This helped her combine public relations, advertising and business to help the business' image online and gain new patients. Today she is involved with Ad Club and Ad 2 Austin.