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Vardeman with Dental Success Institute and dental entrepreneur mastermind meeting in Denver, CO.

Vardeman has been on stages most of her life. She understands that body language, public speaking and image is very important to convey the right message. She has a passion for public relations because it helps communicate messages diligently to the public for a mutually beneficial outcome. As a former pageant and title holder, she was in the spotlight and got more comfortable with public speaking. Her whole life she has been interested in HTML coding, video production and all things related to mass communication. She is on a mission to unleash creativity. She tailors artist's and nonprofit's messages to the right audience. She freelances in Austin, Texas whenever she has extra time.

Studying public relations has helped her understand better methods of research. She is learning how to write for publications. She learned how to write for broadcasting at the end of her media writing class last semester. It is not good enough to create a campaign and guess. Research must be done beforehand. Her writing skills are being polished to speak the lingo of news and media outlets with AP style and how to write press releases well.

Campaigns is her final class next semester. She aspires to land a fulfilling career in the vast world of entertainment and technology. She has an interest in philanthropy to help with fundraisers and nonprofits. She is learning several other languages and studying their culture so that she can communicate on a larger scale. Her goal is to make a positive impact on this world. This semester she is on the event committee in Ad Club and involved with PRSSA.